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실리콘 스프레이

    **실리콘 스프레이**

    – **Lubrication**: Reduces friction and wear on moving parts, ensuring smoother operation.
    – **Protection**: Provides a protective barrier against moisture, rust, and corrosion.
    – **Versatility**: Suitable for a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, rubber, and wood.
    – **Maintenance**: Helps in cleaning and maintaining equipment, extending their lifespan.

    – **Non-Staining**: Leaves no greasy or sticky residues, ensuring clean application.
    – **Temperature Resistant**: Effective in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
    – **Quick Drying**: Dries rapidly to form a clear, protective film.
    – **Environmentally Friendly**: Contains no harmful CFCs or other ozone-depleting substances.

    – **Net Weight**: 500 ml
    – **Color**: Clear
    – **Odor**: Mild
    – **Shelf Life**: 24 months
    – **Temperature Range**: -40°C to 200°C

    – **Automotive**: Ideal for lubricating door hinges, locks, and rubber seals.
    – **Industrial**: Perfect for conveyor belts, gears, and machinery maintenance.
    – **Household**: Great for sliding doors, windows, drawers, and garden tools.
    – **Sports Equipment**: Suitable for bikes, treadmills, and other sports gear.

    – **Q: Is it safe to use on electrical components?**
    – **A:** Yes, it is safe and non-conductive, making it ideal for electrical applications.

    – **Q: Can it be used on rubber?**
    – **A:** Absolutely, it prevents rubber from cracking and aging.

    – **Q: How often should I reapply?**
    – **A:** It depends on the usage, but typically every few months for optimal protection.

    – **Q: Is it suitable for food-related equipment?**
    – **A:** No, it is not food-grade and should not be used on surfaces in direct contact with food.

    Keep your equipment running smoothly and extend their life with our premium 실리콘 스프레이. Whether it’s for home, automotive, or industrial use, this versatile spray is a must-have in your maintenance toolkit.