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Blood Grouping Cards

Blood Grouping Cards

Discover the convenience and accuracy of our Blood Grouping Cards, your essential tool for blood typing in a variety of settings. With these cards, determining the ABO and Rh(D) blood groups becomes a straightforward, reliable process.

Fast and Accurate: Obtain reliable results quickly, making it ideal for urgent medical scenarios.
Ease of Use: Minimal training is required, allowing healthcare professionals to perform blood grouping with ease.
Portable: Lightweight and compact, our blood grouping cards are perfect for use in any setting, from hospitals to remote locations.

Clear Labeling: Distinct labeling for ABO and Rh(D) antigens ensures unambiguous results.
Pre-loaded Reagents: Integrated with dried monoclonal antibodies for consistent and dependable outcomes.
User-Friendly Design: Enabling straightforward and intuitive user interaction, enhancing efficiency.
Long Shelf Life: Manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure lasting shelf stability.

Test Time: Results within 2-5 minutes
Card Size: 85 mm x 55 mm
Storage Conditions: Store between 2°C to 25°C
Shelf Life: Up to 24 months from the manufacturing date

Medical Laboratories: Ensuring blood type accuracy for diagnostic purposes.
Blood Donation Camps: Quick and reliable testing of blood donors.
Emergency Situations: Rapid identification of blood type in emergency medical services.
Educational Institutions: Teaching students the principles of blood grouping in academic settings.

Q: How do I interpret the results on the blood grouping card?
A: The cards are labeled with specific areas for each antigen. Agglutination indicates the presence of that antigen in the blood sample.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to use the blood grouping cards?
A: No special equipment is necessary. Use a lancet for blood sample collection and a dropper for applying the sample to the card.

Q: Can I reuse the blood grouping cards?
A: No, the cards are designed for single-use only to avoid contamination.

Q: What should I do if the results are unclear?
A: If results are unclear, perform the test again with a new card and ensure proper following of the instructions.

Optimize your blood grouping process with our reliable and efficient Blood Grouping Cards – an imperative tool for healthcare professionals.