Custom Precision Sheet Metal Parts Based on Any Design

Custom Neon Lighting

Illuminate your space with vibrant and customizable neon lighting! Perfect for adding a touch of personality and elegance, our custom neon lighting solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Versatility: Perfectly suited for home décor, businesses, weddings, and events.
Energy-Efficient: Low energy consumption, making them an eco-friendly illumination option.
Vivid Colors: Bright, attention-grabbing colors that make any area stand out.
Durability: Built to last with high-quality materials for both indoor and outdoor use.

Customization: Personalize your sign with infinite design possibilities, including shapes, letters, and symbols.
Safety: Made with safe, low-voltage materials that are cool to the touch.
Easy Installation: Comes with mounting hardware and an easy-to-follow guide.
Weatherproof Options: Available in weatherproof designs for outdoor applications.

Materials: High-quality, flexible, and durable PVC tubing.
Colors: Available in a wide range of vivid colors.
Power Source: Standard outlet with switch, battery-operated options available.
Sizes: Custom sizes to fit your specific requirements.

Home Décor: Brighten up living rooms, bedrooms, or kids’ rooms.
Business Signage: Perfect for storefront signs, office logos, and menus for cafes and bars.
Events: Ideal for weddings, parties, and festivals.
Art Installations: Enhance art exhibits and installations with custom lighting effects.

1. Can I create a design from scratch?
– Absolutely! Send us your design or collaborate with our team to create a unique piece.

2. How long does it take to receive my custom neon light?
– Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks from the design approval to delivery.

3. Is the neon lighting safe for indoor use?
– Yes, our neon lights are low-voltage and safe for indoor use.

4. Do you offer installation services?
– While our signs are easy to install, we can recommend professional installers if needed.

5. What if the sign needs repairs?
– Contact our customer service; we offer repair services and advice on maintaining your neon sign.