Custom Precision Sheet Metal Parts Based on Any Design

Mn Metal Fabrication

MN Metal Fabrication is a state-of-the-art custom metal fabrication provider. We have been in the business of providing superior-quality metal fabrication services for many years. Our team of experts are highly qualified and experienced to ensure that your metal fabrication project is completed to exact specifications and requirements, no matter how challenging they may be.

Our metal fabrication services offer a wide range of unique benefits, including:
• Durability, strength, and longevity
• High-quality finishes
• Wide range of material choices
• Precision and accuracy
• Customized solutions
• Cost-effective solutions
• Faster turnaround times

Our metal fabrication services offers the following features:
• Large or small-scale projects
• High-quality production
• In-house 3D CAD design capabilities
• Expert welding
• CNC punching/turret punching
• CNC laser cutting
• Precision brake forming

Our metal fabrication services are engineered to meet exact specifications to ensure a superior-quality end product, including:
• Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, and other exotics
• Maximum sheet size: 60 inches by 120 inches
• Maximum thickness: 0.250 inches
• Tolerance: +/-0.002 inches

Our metal fabrication services can be applied in a variety of industries, including:
• Aerospace
• Medical and healthcare
• Oil and gas
• Telecommunications
• Electronics
• Transportation
• Military and defense
• Agriculture
• And much more

1. What types of metal do you work with?
We work with a variety of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, and other exotics.

2. What is your maximum sheet size?
Our maximum sheet size is 60 inches by 120 inches.

3. What is the maximum thickness you can work with?
We can work with materials up to 0.250 inches in thickness.

4. What is your tolerance level?
Our tolerance level is +/-0.002 inches.

5. What industries do you serve?
We serve a broad range of industries, including aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas, telecommunications, electronics, and more.

Overall, MN Metal Fabrication offers one-of-a-kind metal fabrication services that are engineered to meet the unique requirements of each client and industry. Our services deliver superior quality, precision, and durability that our clients can trust. Contact us today, and let our exceptional team help you bring your metal project to life!