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Tipos De Carga

    **Tipos de Carga**

    Discover the diverse range of “tipos de carga” designed to meet all your logistical and transportation needs. Whether you’re handling perishable goods, oversized machinery, or fragile items, our solutions ensure safe and efficient transport.

    – **Versatility**: Suitable for various industries and goods.
    – **Safety**: Enhanced protection for all types of cargo.
    – **Efficiency**: Streamlined processes to save time and costs.
    – **Compliance**: Meets international transportation standards.

    – **Temperature Control**: Options for refrigerated and climate-controlled units.
    – **Custom Sizes**: Available in standard and custom dimensions.
    – **Durable Materials**: Constructed with high-quality, impact-resistant materials.
    – **Secure Fastening**: Advanced locking mechanisms for secure transport.

    – **Weight Capacity**: Up to 30,000 kg.
    – **Temperature Range**: -20°C to 30°C for climate-controlled units.
    – **Dimensions**: Standard sizes include 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers.
    – **Material**: High-grade steel and aluminum options.

    – **Industrial Goods**: Machinery, construction materials, and heavy equipment.
    – **Perishables**: Fresh produce, frozen goods, and pharmaceuticals.
    – **Consumer Goods**: Electronics, furniture, and clothing.
    – **Hazardous Materials**: Chemicals, batteries, and other regulated items.

    – **Q: What types of cargo can be transported?**
    A: Our solutions cater to all cargo types, including perishable, fragile, oversized, and hazardous materials.

    – **Q: Are there temperature-controlled options?**
    A: Yes, we offer refrigerated and climate-controlled units to maintain specific temperature ranges.

    – **Q: Can you customize the size of the cargo units?**
    A: Absolutely! We provide both standard and custom-sized units to fit your specific needs.

    – **Q: What safety features are included?**
    A: Our cargo units come with advanced locking mechanisms and are constructed from durable, impact-resistant materials to ensure maximum safety.

    Choose our “tipos de carga” for reliable, efficient, and secure transportation of all your goods.