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Cbct Scanner

Product Description:

The CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) Scanner is a revolutionary imaging tool designed for detailed 3D visualization in dental, maxillofacial, and ENT applications. It provides unparalleled image quality, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning.


High Resolution Imaging: Delivers superior image clarity, aiding in precise diagnosis and treatment.
Reduced Radiation Exposure: Optimized technology ensures patient safety with minimal radiation dosage.
Fast Scanning Time: Quick acquisition speeds enhance patient comfort and streamline workflow.
Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence: Detailed 3D images allow for comprehensive evaluation, leading to better treatment outcomes.


Advanced 3D Imaging: Captures high-definition 3D images for thorough analysis.
User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive software interface for easy operation and image manipulation.
Compact Design: Space-saving design fits seamlessly into any clinical environment.
Multi-Mode Functionality: Offers various scanning modes to suit different diagnostic needs.
DICOM Compatibility: Ensures seamless integration with existing imaging and patient management systems.


Voxel Size: 0.075 – 0.3 mm
Field of View: Adjustable from 5×5 cm to 20×20 cm
Scan Time: 4 – 10 seconds
Power Supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Software: Included with comprehensive image analysis tools


Dental Implant Planning: Provides detailed images for precise implant placement.
Orthodontics: Assists in treatment planning and progress monitoring.
Endodontics: Enhances detection and evaluation of root canal morphology.
Oral Surgery: Aids in pre-surgical planning and post-surgical assessment.
ENT: Used in the evaluation of sinus and airway structures.


Q: Is the CBCT scanner safe for patients?
A: Yes, it uses low-dose radiation technology to ensure patient safety while providing high-quality images.

Q: How long does a typical scan take?
A: Scans are completed within 4 to 10 seconds, minimizing patient discomfort.

Q: Can the CBCT scanner integrate with existing systems?
A: Yes, it is DICOM compatible, allowing for easy integration with current imaging and patient management systems.

Q: What training is required to operate the scanner?
A: The scanner is designed with a user-friendly interface, and comprehensive training is provided to ensure smooth operation.

Experience the future of imaging with the CBCT Scanner, designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient care.