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Generator 10kv Price

Introducing our **Generator 10kV**, the ultimate power solution designed to meet diverse electrical needs with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. This generator is perfect for both industrial and residential applications, ensuring you never face power outages again.

– **Reliable Power Supply:** Provides consistent and stable power to keep your operations running smoothly.
– **Fuel Efficiency:** Engineered to optimize fuel usage, reducing operational costs.
– **Durability:** Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions.
– **Low Maintenance:** Minimal maintenance requirements ensure cost-effectiveness over time.

– **10kV Power Output:** Capable of handling large electrical loads, suitable for various applications.
– **Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):** Ensures a steady current output to protect your equipment.
– **Noise Reduction Technology:** Operates quietly, making it ideal for residential areas.
– **Digital Control Panel:** Easy to use interface for monitoring and managing generator performance.
– **Safety Features:** Includes overload protection and emergency shut-off.

– **Power Output:** 10kV
– **Fuel Type:** Diesel
– **Run Time:** Up to 12 hours on a full tank
– **Noise Level:** ≤ 70dB
– **Dimensions:** 2200 x 1000 x 1500 mm
– **Weight:** 850 kg

– **Industrial Use:** Perfect for factories, warehouses, and construction sites requiring consistent power supply.
– **Emergency Backup:** Reliable backup power for hospitals, schools, and offices during outages.
– **Residential Use:** Ideal for large homes that need dependable power without interruption.
– **Agricultural Operations:** Provides power for irrigation systems, dairy operations, and other farm-based activities.

– **Q: What is the fuel consumption rate?**
– A: Approximately 0.3 gallons per kWh.

– **Q: Does the generator come with a warranty?**
– A: Yes, it includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

– **Q: Is it easy to transport?**
– A: With its durable wheels and handles, it can be transported relatively easily.

– **Q: Can it be used in remote locations?**
– A: Absolutely, its robust design and long run time make it suitable for remote areas.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of our **Generator 10kV**. Order today and never worry about power outages disrupting your activities.