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Diary Chinese

Introducing the Diary Chinese – your ultimate companion for daily journaling, note-taking, and planning, tailored to the Chinese-speaking audience.

– Enhances daily productivity and organization.
– Serves as a cultural artifact, preserving traditional Chinese writing and design.
– Ideal for language learners to practice Chinese script and improve literacy.

– Beautifully crafted hardcover with traditional Chinese motifs.
– High-quality, thick paper suited for various writing instruments.
– Lined pages providing ample space for writing.
– Traditional Chinese lunar calendar included.
– Inspiring quotes and proverbs in each section.

Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.8 inches (A5 size).
Pages: 240.
Cover: Hardcover with silk finish.
Language: Simplified Chinese.
Weight: 400 grams.

– Perfect for daily journaling, planning, and note-taking.
– A thoughtful gift for friends and family who appreciate Chinese culture.
– Effective tool for students and professionals to organize their tasks and deadlines.
– Suitable for language learners aiming to practice Chinese writing and comprehension.

Q: Is this diary suitable for beginners learning Chinese?
A: Yes, the diary includes simple Chinese characters and phrases, making it great for learners.

Q: Can I use markers or fountain pens without bleed-through?
A: The high-quality thick paper minimizes bleed-through, but we recommend testing with your preferred writing tool.

Q: Does the diary include any holidays or important dates?
A: Yes, the diary includes major Chinese holidays and important dates along with a traditional lunar calendar.

Q: Can I refill the pages once they are used up?
A: This diary is not refillable. However, we offer similar designs for yearly purchases.

Q: Is there an option for custom personalization?
A: Currently, we do not offer personalization. Stay tuned for future updates!

Embrace the elegance and functionality of the Diary Chinese to enhance your daily life and immerse yourself in the beautiful Chinese culture.