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National Seal Catalog

Introducing the National Seal Catalog, your ultimate resource for superior sealing solutions.

– Comprehensive coverage of various seal types and sizes.
– Easy-to-navigate format to quickly find the right product.
– Trusted quality with detailed descriptions and specifications.
– Updated regularly to include the latest industry innovations.

– Detailed product listings with high-resolution images.
– Technical specifications for informed decision-making.
– Cross-references to assist with replacements and compatibility.
– Durable, printed format or digital access for convenience.
– Each entry includes material composition and performance ratings.

– Covers seals for automotive, industrial, and specialized applications.
– Includes lip seals, oil seals, O-rings, gaskets, and more.
– Materials range from rubber to advanced composite materials.
– Temperature and pressure ratings clearly specified.

Automotive: Engine, transmission, and drivetrain seals.
Industrial: Hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical equipment.
Marine: Waterproof seals for vessels and underwater equipment.
Aerospace: High-performance seals for aircraft and spacecraft components.

Q: How often is the catalog updated?
A: The catalog is updated bi-annually to include new products and innovations.

Q: Can I get a digital copy?
A: Yes, the National Seal Catalog is available in both printed and digital formats.

Q: Are there cross-references for obsolete part numbers?
A: Absolutely, the catalog provides comprehensive cross-references to help you find replacement products.

Q: What if I need technical support?
A: Our customer service team is available to provide technical support and answer any specific questions you may have.

Streamline your search for the right seal with the National Seal Catalog – the expert’s choice for reliable and efficient sealing solutions.