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Sluice Valve

Introducing the Sluice Valve – your reliable solution for regulating fluid flow within pipelines!

Our Sluice Valves ensure precise control of fluid flow, effectively minimizing leakage risks and maintenance costs. Engineered for durability, they offer long-term performance and resilience under extreme conditions. Easy to operate, these valves enhance system efficiency, enabling smooth operation and reducing downtime.

High-Grade Construction: Made from robust materials, the valves resist corrosion and wear, extending their lifespan.
Leak-Proof Design: Precision-engineered seals prevent leakage, ensuring system integrity.
Full Bore Flow: The full bore design ensures maximum flow capacity without pressure loss.
Easy Operation: A user-friendly interface allows for simple and quick valve adjustments.
Versatile: Compatible with various fluid types including water, steam, and oil.

Body Material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, or Stainless Steel
Size Range: 50mm to 1200mm
Pressure Rating: PN10, PN16, PN25
Temperature Range: -20°C to +200°C
Connection Types: Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Weld

Water Treatment Plants: Ideal for managing water distribution and sewage systems.
Oil & Gas Industry: Efficient in regulating the flow of oil and gas pipelines.
Power Plants: Essential for controlling cooling systems and steam lines.
Industrial Applications: Suitable for chemical processing, mining, and other heavy industries.

Q: What is a sluice valve used for?
A: Sluice valves are used to start or stop the flow of fluid in pipelines, providing on-off flow control.

Q: Are these valves suitable for high-pressure conditions?
A: Yes, our sluice valves are designed to operate efficiently under high-pressure conditions up to PN25.

Q: Can they be used for both clean and dirty fluids?
A: Absolutely, these valves are designed to handle a variety of fluids, including both clean and dirty types.

Q: How often do they require maintenance?
A: Minimal maintenance is required, thanks to their durable construction and high-quality materials.